Don’t Worry So Much About Long-term Goals

One of the things that side-tracks a lot of people is the become impatient, because they’re interested in long-term goals such as losing a lot of weight or getting a flat stomach or getting out of debt.

Those are good goals, to be sure, but if you’re focused on such long-term goals, you’re going to have a difficult time.

I should know — I’ve focused on those very goals. I desperately wanted to get out of debt, to build up my blog, to lose a lot of weight. And you know what? I’ve done all of them, but I discovered along the way that it takes a lot longer than I expected at first.

And that can be discouraging. You want to see all the fat melt off, but despite exercising furiously and eating really healthy foods, it doesn’t come off right away. Not in a week or two, a month or two, or even six months (depending on how far you have to go).

For most of us, getting out of debt will take longer than six months – maybe well over a year or two. That’s too long to wait – we’ll get discouraged well before that point when we first taste success.

So the key here is to focus on the process, not the progress.

Don’t worry about how far you’ve gotten to your final goal — that could take a lot longer than you expect, and if it does, you’ll get discouraged.

Instead, focus on creating that new habit. Focus on right now, today, not next week or next year. Focus on enjoying the activity, not on trying to get to the destination.

When you enjoy the journey, guess what? You’re already at the destination. When you finally get to that flat stomach or get out of debt, you’ll be happy, but incredibly, you’ve been happy all along the way, because the journey is what has been important.

Forget about the long-term goals. Focus on creating your new habit, right now. You’ll get there eventually, and you’ll love every minute of the ride.