How to Be Patient as Your Habit Develops

The hardest part about the super-easy 6 Changes Method is waiting.

You have to pick one habit, and stick with it for 2 months. I’ll admit, that takes a lot of patience, and most of us don’t usually have patience like that.

But the alternative is to be impatient, and to fail. Always remember that: you’re choosing between patience and success, and impatience and failure.

Sticking with a new habit for two months will almost guarantee your success. I’ve done it many times.

So how do you stay patient? Some ideas:

  • Think of it as a series of mini-goals, perhaps. Each week is a new step, and each week you’re going to accomplish something amazing. Even if the first week is way too easy, it’s a start, and starting is really something to celebrate. Don’t look at the larger picture of two months, or 12 months. Look at it one week at a time. That’s much more manageable.
  • Your very public commitment and accountability measures will help you stick with it. If you tell everyone you know, and more, that you’ll be doing this one habit for two months, you’ll want to succeed in the eyes of everyone. If you have to give them a daily update, you’ll want to stick with it.
  • Reward yourself each week. As you accomplish each mini-goal, you’ll feel great about it. Give yourself a little treat.
  • Focus on enjoying the activity. Don’t think about what’s ahead — focus on now. If you’re trying to exercise or meditate, think about how much you enjoy it. If you’re trying to eat healthy, choose healthy foods you enjoy, and savor each bite. Whatever you’re trying to do, focus on the enjoyable aspects of it, and make doing it a treat.